China: Are Automated Stores the Future of Chinese Retail?

The world seems to now follow a path aiming at the removal of the human error factor through technology and automatization. From pilot-free aircraft to captain-less ships and self driving cars, this phenomenon is rapidly spreading and China in particular seems to be very keen on the technology, according to an article from Retail News Asia.

The online retailer has now opened over 20 JD.ID X-mart, an unmanned convenience store, in the country and plans on continuing its expansion both nationwide and internationally. The store allows clients to shop without having to wait in line or pay in person as their credit card is automatically being charged for what they have chosen as they exit the location.

China is the ideal region for these automated stores to thrive due to domestic labor force conditions. As the population in China is aging and people are fighting to escape low-end jobs, unmanned stores seem to be the solution.

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