China: First Underwater High-Speed Railway Approved

China’s bullet train network is fast expanding, and it will soon extend under the sea. Officials in Beijing have approved construction of a 77km high-speed rail link between Ningbo, a port city south of Shanghai, to Zhoushan, an archipelago off the east coast, according to an article from World Economic Forum. It will include a 16.2km subsea tunnel, the nation’s first for high-speed trains.

The new route will connect with China’s existing high-speed network and transport passengers from Hangzhou – capital city of Zhejiang Province – to Zhoushan in 80 minutes. The current journey takes about 4.5 hours by bus or 2.5 hours by car.

China’s high-speed rail network is the world’s largest, covering 12,500km, and the government aims to have 38,000km of track in place by 2025.

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