China: Shenzhen Just Made All Its Busses Electric, and Taxis Are Next

Shenzhen in China is the world’s first major city to run an entirely electric bus fleet, according to an article from World Economic Forum. 

Some 16,000 buses in the city are electric and its taxi fleet isn’t far behind. Over 12,000 (62.5%) of the city’s cabs also run on electricity. Shenzhen aims to make that 100% by 2020.

To keep its electric buses running, the city has built 510 charging stations equipped with 8,000 charging poles. “A bus can be fully charged within two hours and the charging poles can serve 300 buses a day,” said Guan Anguang, assistant manager of the terminal.

Shenzhen’s bus network was able to go all-electric thanks to the generous national and local government subsidies given to public transport companies. 

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