Retention – the leading Scandinavian Consultancy – ready for a new strategic partnership

The start of 2018 has been a confirmation of Retention’s position as the leading Scandinavian Executive Search Consultancy in China,  the order intake increased 4 times year-on-year during January. We are currently working with, e.g :

  • 8 new Managing Director positions for Scandinavian companies in China
  • 10 new Sales Director positions for Scandinavian companies in China
  • Several new business critical positions for Scandinavian companies in China

We see a clear transformation from production to domestic sales among Scandinavian companies.

Increased interest in Vietnam as the new production hub and the cooperation with Pacific 2000

During 2017 many of our Clients prepared to launch new production sites in Vietnam. We have already delivered local production management and now it is time to take the next step in Vietnam and other high potential production countries. Therefore we are very pleased to announce our new strategic partnership with Pacific 2000. Pacific 2000 started back in 1998 by Anders Lundquist, a Swede with deep knowledge and extensive experience of doing business in Asia.  Anders has been working and living in Asia for over 25 years. Pacific 2000 is a highly regarded Executive Search Consultancy and together with them we are now able to support our Clients both in NEA and SEA.

Retention in Europe and Scandinavia

Our main focus is China but our foundation and HQ is in Scandinavia which means that it is important for us to keep a strong position in our home market – Scandinavia – as well. During 2017 we have developed a new business line, International Recruitment, where we help our Clients with business critical specialist recruited internationally and located in Scandinavia. Highly skilled specialists will be a bottle neck in the future. We see it clearly within the Automotive Industry as well as in other industries. We are currently working with, e.g :

  • Several new Managing Director and top management positions in Europe for Scandinavian companies
  • Several new International Specialists positions located in Scandinavia

Retention now have a strong foundation to keep helping our Clients’ to grow through our operations in China, Asia, Europe and Scandinavia.