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New Project, HR-Director China

We have just started a new project and the first phase in our Re:3+ method, The Reflection Report. In this phase we conduct a thorough analysis about our Client current situation. the platform to develop from, the targets, identifying the gaps and the kind of profile needed to reach the targets.

THE PROJECT: Recruit a new HR-Director, located in Shanghai. The candidate will be a part of the Management Team with the mission to build up the whole platform for the domestic retail market in China.

THE CLIENT: A Scandinavian global retail company.

THE MISSION: The company has a market leading position globally but the market in China has not been explored and now it is time to build up a full scale market organisation, both support functions and a complete retail chain with shops all over the country. Our Client has done a thorough market research and see's

great potential for their unique brand. The target for the new HR Director is to build up and trim the organisation in China.

RESULT: Our Client will get a new HR Director with Outstanding Performance!


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