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Ongoing Projects

We have never experienced, during our 10 years in China, such great interest from Swedish companies that want to expand their operations in China. Step by step they build up their ability on the Chinese market, both within B2B and B2C.

Some off the projects we are working with right now:

- Managing Director, to a Swedish a global market leader within Clean Air solutions, Shanghai

- Sales Director, to a Finnish premium brand within Clean Energy, Wuxi

- Operations Manager, to a Swedish global market leader in the Chemical Industry, Tianjin

- Sourcing Director, to a Swedish Healthcare company, Shenzhen

- Quality Director, to a Swedish Healthcare company, Shenzhen

- Operations Manager, to a global Swedish market leader within Construction solutions, Sweden

- Manager Category Management, to a global Swedish life style brand, Shanghai

- CFO, to a Swedish leader within Industry 4.0, Shanghai

- Product/Marketing Manager, to a Swedish niched brand within the health food industry, Shanghai

Retention Group has an unique ability to build up our Clients competiness on the Chinese market. Together with Business Sweden we transform


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