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Retention launches a new company - Acquiro International Recruitment

Today's companies are undergoing a transformation, the digitalization is redrawing the playing field as companies are optimizing their operations.

In future organizations, there will be 2 key players –

- businesscritical specialists who create the conditions for tomorrow's products and solutions

- and the leaders who lead in the right direction.

Retention has an extensive experience of international recruitment. To meet our customer's needs of having the right Specialist competence linked to the ongoing transformation, we have started a new company, Acquiro International Recruitment.

Retention will continue focusing on recruiting Leaders and Acquiro focuses on technical Specialists, the two critical competence areas for the companies of the future.

@Acquiro International Recruitment ‘s mission is to connect Scandinavian companies with international Specialists, recruiting business-critical competence globally for positions in Scandinavia and at entities abroad.

@Retention Group has extensive experience of international recruitment with focus on top management positions at the emerging markets in Asia and the home market in Europe.

Through our close cooperation, we will continue to secure the right leaders and business-critical specialists for tomorrow’s companies – at tomorrow’s markets.

Join our journey:


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