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The Performance Review

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

We have just completed a new Performance Review. The Performance Review is conducted by the Retention Consultant 12 months after the candidate has started hers/his mission at our Client.

THE PROJECT: Recruit a new APAC Director, located in China

THE CLIENT: A Scandinavian global company focusing on high tech materials

THE MISSION: The scope was a complete turn around. The Client has been in China and Asia for a long time with several production sites in China. Low efficiency/productivity/quality and red figures several years in a row.

RESULT: The new APAC Director started to focus on setting a new structure for the operations and afterwards building up a new sales structure. Today they have black figures, full order books and the turn around is completed. Asia and China is now the leading star in the group. Once again Outstanding Performance by a APAC Director recruited by Retention.


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