Mats Lind
Head of Managing Director

Head of Retention Managing Director Search Mats Lind has over 10 years’ experience of recruiting leaders in China and Asia.

Mats Lind, has completed over 120 Managing Director positions in China for Swedish companies. In fact,  every second Managing Director in a Swedish company has been recruited by him.

  • ​B.Sc Business Administration

  • Founder of Retention Group

  • Over 15 years experience within Executive Search globally

  • Extensive experience leading Scandinavian companies

  • Founder of several HR Consultancies

  • Languages: Swedish, English

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Do you have the right leader for your operations in China?

Do you have the right leader for your APAC operations?

China is undergoing a transformation, from a sourcing hub to a market place -- a market place with a huge potential but also with significant risks. To navigate in this environment and be successful you need the right Manager in charge.

China is changing but also, as a market place, so is Asia. The greatest potential for Swedish companies is no longer in Europe or the United States. It is in Asia. That is why all Swedish global companies have, step by step, been building up their activities in Asia. We, at Retention, have the experience and method to find the right leader for your Asian operations, to secure your growth plans for Asia.



Mats Lind

Managing Partner

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Head of Global Search

Ning Wang

Head of China & Asia Search

Boye Hartmann

APAC Director

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