- Outstanding Performance -

“Since global growth is expected to occur in Asia, recruiting the right leaders in China and Asia is absolutely crucial to the overall global growth strategy”

Retention Group has close to 15 years of experience in recruiting Leaders in Asia and Europe.


Candidates recruited by Retention are top performers, people who deliver above expectations and ensure our customers' expansion in Asia.

Since the expected growth, globally, will take place in Asia, the one who leads the operations in Asia is absolutely crucial for the entire global growth strategy. In the same time it is crucial to secure the home market in Europe.

When we carry out our assignments, we do it with our unique method, Re: 3+, The Reflection Report is the first phase, which is a hybrid of a business plan and profile analysis. With The Reflection Report as the road map, we address the top performers, and we open doors that otherwise are closed. With the right leader recruited by Retention, you ensure your growth in Asia and Europe. You get a leader with Outstanding Performance.

Retention Group – Transforming Swedish companies in Asia by recruiting outstanding Leaders