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China: Support for Foreign Investors as Coronavirus Impacts Supply Chains

Last week, China’s central government announced a slew of new measures supporting the operational capacity of trading companies, as well as investment projects, during this critical time of coronavirus control and prevention, according to an article from China Briefing. These circulars have so far been released on a rolling basis, responding to the challenges and needs as they have arisen.

These have included circulars dealing with the timely supply of consumer medical necessities, prioritizing the import-export of technology (reducing import tariffs consistent with the phase one US trade deal and opening up more financial channels of assistance for foreign trading businesses.

However, a growing number of businesses, such as Nintendo and Hyundai have now suspended their production and shipping operations, due to halts in business operation and curbs on transportation, which have weighed heavily on the retail, manufacturing, and trading sectors.

In response to these challenges, China is now offering more support to businesses and bolstering its online administrative channels to establish a more coordinated link throughout its industry chains.

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