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China’s Healthcare Industry – Opportunities in Telemedicine and Digital Healthcare

China’s healthcare industry has been forced to do a hard reset in 2020. Just as the 2003 SARS epidemic caused China exposed the gaps in the country’s disease surveillance infrastructure, COVID-19 has exposed the cracks its delivery of healthcare services.

Now, as China is tasked with rebuilding and reorganizing its healthcare system, the government has started to signal its priorities for the next era of its healthcare transformation.

Battling the pandemic has caused China to rethink its priorities within the healthcare system – pushing critical health infrastructure, digital services, and public health promotion much higher on the list than if the infectious outbreak had not occurred.

In this three-part series we will take a look at the changes that are taking place in the healthcare industry in China in the following key health sectors:

  • Telemedicine and digital healthcare

  • Medical devices

  • Pharmaceutical industry

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